Dear Father in heaven.

I pray that You in Your mercy forgive all my sins
and wrongs against another and that You
fill my heart with Your forgiving love and kindness.
Mercy is Yours and Salvation for us has been paid at a high price..
crucifixion and death by the life of Your only Son,
Jesus the Christ of GOD.
May You in Your gentleness help me to understand others

so that You shine Your love through me so they see You in me.
May Jesus be the King of my heart
and no other and may He always remain in my Spirit of life.
Father, may You help me be healed of every sickness
and infirmity and illness or disease
that darkens my body's temple..
for it is Your temple and should be in perfect health.
May You in Your mercy show me how to be healed
and what I must do to be a joy to Your heart.
Like Wisdom was in Proverbs as being a daily delight to You.
Father, I want to be Your daily delight so as to be pleasing unto You.
Jesus, my own Lord, I love You ever so much and
Your life was so righteous and holy and so pure
and clean and to give it up for the likes of me,
well Jesus, You are magnificent and such a loving
dear person in my heart and I never want
to become accustomed to what You did for me!
I want to be reminded of Your love that took Your life for me,
in all I do and in all my life never to forget the pain You suffered for me.
Thank You my Lord and may You always reign forever and ever as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
as I know You will.
Be sure of my love for You and help
me to be a joy to Your heart also.
.my love to You forever. K

author Katie Sansone