The Mender

My Savior specializes in mending broken things,
He takes the heart that's shattered, and gives it songs to sing.
He pieces it together with His sweet gracious touch;
He mends the heart that's broken because He loves so much.

He mends the broken spirit, then lifts that spirit up,
And pours the oil of gladness into the upturned cup.
The broken lives He reshapes... those lives so wrecked by sin,

When in their crushed condition they turn in faith to Him.

The broken dreams that crumble to ashes at our feet,
That seemed so fair and lovely, that made life taste more sweet.
Those broken dreams He rebuilds and fashions them anew...
Then gives us faith to trust Him to see new dreams come true.

What of the broken plans then? The broken health that comes?
Is He not ever mindful when life's swift pendulum
dashes to scattered pieces the plans that we have made?
Above it all, He whispers- "I shall come to your aid."

He restores broken spirits, binds broken hearts, and dreams,
Repairs the shattered pages of lives that He redeems.
He stands ready to help us no matter what life brings
Because He specializes in mending broken things!
--author unknown