I have experienced that everyone can pray, and it does affect someone or something.
Because when you decided to follow Jesus and get him inside your heart.
You have received the Holy Ghost (spirit) into your hart.
And he is also praying whit you when you are praying.
I am a housewife who doesn't have so much time
But I can pray so much as I want to.
I can do house work and pray at the same time.
And it is important to pray about the things or peoples he reminds you of.
I have experienced several times that the lord has reminded me of someone or just a name (I usually don't know the people).
Then I have to start praying for that name or thing…or happening.
And some time later I usually get to know what it was al about.
And several times I have experienced that God have done wonderful things in peoples lives, because I did do as the lord said.
So think about it when you suddenly starting to think about someone or a name,
the lord want you to pray for him or her.
You say that you don't know how to pray, just let the Holy Spirit guide you.
And just start to thank him for that person.
Like worshiping the lord.