Elvenking: Sweet Lyrics

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Type: Assignment.
Time: Spring 2008.
Grade: None.
Our objective for this assignment was to choose a subject and make a small page for it. I chose to make a lyric-site for my favourite band, Elvenking. The site should have at least three different pages linking to each other, and include a table with layouts and pictures. I thought this was a lot of fun, so I made a lot more than the assignment asked for. Too bad we never got to hand it in, because I think I would have gotten a good grade on it :/


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Type: Project
Time: Autumn 2008
Grade: 5+, 5+ and 6
It's all in Norwegian.
The assignment was to create a website for a youth rock/pop band called The Band, following certain criteria. Being only allowed to use content and images you had created yourself gave me somewhat limited resources, but I did the best I could. As a test-exam we had to defend our product orally, and that presentation decided our grades. Three grades were given. I thought I did horribly on the presentation, but was pleasantly surprised (godsmacked, actually).

Photography Portfolio

You're looking at it!
Type: Final exam 2nd year.
Time: End of term, summer 2009.
Grade: A shining 6!
The assigment was quite open: you had two days (four in my case as I got the weekend in between) to make a website that promoted yourself as a photographer. So I made what you're looking at right now. It was a lot of fun, though I met some problems with the CSS, and I can't remember how I solved it or if I solved it all. Anyway, it was originally in Norwegian with other menu titles, and the 'Mitowira' title wasn't there. We also had to consider copyrights and stuff liket that obviously, so everything on this site is made by me except for the fonts and the background, both which were free stock. After having presented this I got great feedback both on the presentation and the product. I was nearly touched when the examinator told me that if there was a grade higher than 6, I would get it :)


Coming soon!
Type: Assigment.
Time: Autumn 2009
Grade: None, yet.
It's all in New-Norwegian.
In this assignment we were supposed to make a website about the Baroque timeframe in New-Norwegian (the second language in Norway) for future use in grading. Therefore there is no grade yet. I had a lot of fun with this, though it was never finished. There's only the first page available, so putting this up here is mainly to show off the layout, which, though tight-spaced, I though turned out very nice.

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