Cellphone Commercial

Type: Assignment.
Time: Sometime in 2006/2007.
Grade: 5+
Made in tenth grade along with classmate Tuyet. The assignment was to make a commercial, but I can't remember much of the details. Anyway, we decided to make a commercial for my current cellphone at that time, and this is what came out of it. The audio and text is in Norwegian.

The Pillow War

Type: Project.
Time: Spring 2008.
Grade: My grade was 5
Ah, The Pillow War... Probably the most fun I have ever had while making a movie. We were eight girls on the team, and the assignment was to make a short movie (approx. 10 minutes, though you can see we didn't follow that rule). Basically I came up with the idea, wrote the script, drew the storyboard, filmed, directed and edited. Veronica was the boss of the group aka. the producer, she also had responsibility for props and make-up and she did some acting. Janthira was assistant director and responisble for photography (we made a dvd-cover and a poster). The rest of the girls were actors. Also, we made our teacher play the teacher.
I had only a couple of days to edit this movie, so that's why sounds is a bit screwed up at some parts. Also, the title text wouldn't function properly when I uploaded this to youtube.
NOTE: The sound was removed by youtube on the first part of the movie.

Part 1

Part 2

Music Video: Band of Horses - Is there a ghost?

Type: Project.
Time: Autumn 2008.
Grade: 5-
The assignment was to make a music video to the song we got from our teacher. We were a team of 5. We had a great idea. We did lots of planning. But then everyone got ill, we were never all there at the same time, one of us even quit the class and started eslewhere! What did I do? I went with the precious Maria and made one on my own!

Unnamed Short Film

Type: Mock Exam.
Time: Before Christmas 2008.
Grade: 6, 6 and 6!
Made for the mock exam in media. We had Friday - Monday to choose one assignment, make the product and then have an oral presentation of it on Wednesday. I chose the assigment that said to make a three-minute film. The wonderful Cathinke was so kind as to do all the acting. Personally I don't like the film itself, but I'm quite pleased with the editing. I was really taken aback when I got the grades.

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