How to:

Click and drag your parts to the build window.
When you are satisfied with your doll,
just hit print screen button.
And then paste it into a image program
like paint shop pro,photo shop or paint.
And then it is al yours.....


You may not alter the male doll,
and don't put it in a doll maker and claim it as your own.
I made it, so I get the credit.
You may not use it in any commercial pages, tutorial pages,
or in community pages or pornographic pages.
Don't use it in a competition unless you have my permission.

You may use it for your own personal use, and as avatar in chats.
If you are showing it on one of your pages add a link back to me.
If you use the male doll, add a link back to me:
Use one of these:

,or just use
The name of the doll page is: Trudes Spot!
the link is:
©Trude H.K. Design