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How to make a Doll maker!

It is several ways of making a doll maker.
Here will I tell you how I did one of my first doll makers.

The first thing you need to do. Is to decide what kind of doll maker you want to have.
Remember that everything you put out in the Internet can be "taken" /"stolen",
even if you try to protect it as well as you know how.
So I say if you don't want to share it…. then don't put it out on the net…

Get your self a program that you can use for making dolls and clothes.
I use paint shop pro. You also need some knowledge of html, or you can make it simple by
using some of the "free" template doll makers that are out there…
You find some good information under webmasters (at the bottom left side) in this page:
There are to types of doll maker templates that are free to use.


To do list:

1. Make a folder and name it Doll maker or something like that. In this folder save all your "doll" parts.

2. Make a doll base whit a pixel program of some kind, I use paint shop pro.

3. Make the doll base into a gif with transparent background.

4. Now make some clothes that fit the base, and save them also as gifs with a transparent background.

5. I only make one of each clothes and base. Then I use some of the advanced possibilities that paint shop pro uses.
I take a copy of the part I want to change the colours on.
And then select: Adjust -> colour balance -> manual colour correction.
Or you can also use: Adjust -> Hue and Saturation -> colorize.
To change the colours of the part you want.
Then save it as a transparent gif. In your doll maker folder.

6. When you are finished with your doll part making, turn on you html program.
Or go online and use the one that is offered to use where you have your homepage.

7. Now make a page where you want your doll maker to appear,
I usually add a table to my page and add the clothes in different
rooms so it is easier to see what belongs to what…

8. When you are satisfied with the positions of al the clothes and bases.
Go to a page that offers scripts for free. Like the one I mentioned above
I am thinking of the last doll maker drag and drop script on this page.
It is very easy to use. Only copy and paste the script offered, and voila you have a doll maker.
Or you can use the one I used: you find it here: .
Follow the instructions on the page.
You must remember to add class="drag" behind each image (gif) to make it work.
And here are no saving buttons in this script, so you must tell the user to use print screen to capture the doll.

9. Now you must upload the maker (your doll maker folder) to your homepage place,
and link it to you main page. Then your visitors can start to use it.

This was a short list of how to do this.
I will try to make a more detailed tutorial later.

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