About me:
Trude Hegerland Kejzar
Married and have 2 children
6. april 1965
Ålesund, Norway
Christian. I belive that Jesus Christ Son of God is my personal savior. And he is the Lord of my heart.
About me:
I am a colorfull and a person that uses a lot of irony.
I am norwegian and married to hubby from Austria.
Norway + Austria = Norstria
Software ingenieur (software developement), software programming.
I have learned and still learning:
Java, C#, C-script, Asp.Net, SQL, ajax, lite-C, and many other languages.
Last school I whent to:
Hobby and interests:
I am a very creative person that loves to make games and design graphics to webpage's.
So far have I designed a lot of dolls and clothes as you can see from my homepage.

I have a lot of Alfa games I am working on and will display here when the time comes.
I do develop a lot of software , that I am playing around with to learn and test how they work and how they are made. All of those are still in the Alfa stage in the development.

I read a lot and prefer the Bible and crime books.
And of course I play a lot of games online and offline.
Favorite animal are cats.
Trude Hegerland Kejzar